Business Process Modeling With Business Process Model And Notation (BPMN 2.0) Diagrams

The key to an effective and smoothly run business is the efficiency and cohesive integration of its business processes. A business process describes the steps taken to complete any objective, task or service within a business. globaloceanics rocesses can be divided into three distinct categories:

• Management processes – processes that describe business strategy and organizational structure.
• Operational processes – interaction between business and customer, core business activity.
• Supporting processes – e.g. health and safety, accounting, recruitment.

The most effective method of creating or analyzing a business process is to visually interpret the steps using a business process diagram, flowchart or workflow. This is known as business process modeling, and will be performed within a company by a team who have detailed knowledge of company process, and analysts with expertise in the modeling discipline. The objective is often to increase production or lower costs – by modeling the process initially using a flowchart, inefficiencies and problems can be spotted before committing to a decision or strategy.

Given the fluid, global nature of business at present, it is perhaps a necessity to have a standardized notation system with which to describe the steps that make up different business processes. Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) v2.0 is a method for visualizing information in a way that’s intuitive for business analysts, and also allows existing processes within a business to be compared and integrated effectively.

The aim of BPMN is assist in creating a diagram that is immediately understandable to all business stakeholders, with graphic elements that can be adapted to represent any form of function, decision, work or data flow. The symbols and structure it uses to do this can be divided into a number of categories:

• Flow objects – Includes Events, which are parts of a process that happen automatically, denoted by a circle; Activities show work that needs to be done, shown as a round-cornered rectangle; Gateways show a splitting or merging of paths, using a diamond shape.

• Connecting objects – Used to connect flow objects, either as Sequence Flow, which indicated the order of activities; Message Flow, a dashed line that shows interaction between organizational boundaries, shown on diagrams as ‘Pools’; Association is a dotted line used to connect an ‘Artifact’ or text to an activity.

• Swim lanes – The widest possible overview of a process involving different organizations is known as a Pool. Different organizations each have their own Lane within the Pool, and are connected using Message Flow connecting objects.

• Artifacts – Artifacts are pieces of information added to certain Activity flow objects to giver better understanding to those viewing the process diagram. They can be data required or produces, extra activities, or simply explanatory text.

• Choreographies – These symbols allow the opportunity to show an activity or step that describes the behavior between business participants.

• Expanded objects – These symbols can be used to expand one area of a process, and see an activity or function at a higher level of detail.

ConceptDraw have designed a solution that combines BPMN v2.0 methodology and graphical notification into one powerful package. The Business Process Diagrams solution from ConceptDraw Solution Park provides a comprehensive collection of vector stencil libraries that contain pre-designed, standardized BPMN v2.0 symbols, as well as a number of templates that help you map out business processes and strategy in a variety of styles.


UNCATEGORIZED Hello From Sicily – My Italian Language Learning Adventure – Exploring the Beauty of Sicily

Sicily – the name alone conjures up images of an exotic island, a mysterious and fascinating past. I have wanted to explore Italy for some time now since I had not been there for a long, long time, and when I was pondering which region of Italy to explore Sicily came to mind. I figured this island would offer a combination of fascinating history, rich culture, scenic beauty, and an opportunity for a wide variety of activities. One activity I definitely wanted to pursue was to combine my journey with language studies: my earlier language study trips to Havana and Cuernavaca, Mexico, not only got me closer to the Spanish language, but these on-site language learning experiences really allowed me to explore the culture from within.

So this time I was going to focus on learning Italian, and I was able to locate two language schools in Sicily that would both provide a totally different experience and a different way of exploring the island. Armed with no prior knowledge other than having read through an Italian grammar book, I was going to see how much of this beautiful language I would pick up in my three weeks in Sicily.

My first eight days were spent in Taormina, a gorgeous mountain-top town on the eastern side of Sicily, whose main distinguishing feature is an ancient Greco-Roman Theatre that is still in use today. The town itself has to be among the most picturesque destinations anywhere, with its beautiful buildings, narrow streets and passageways and stunning views of Mount Etna and the Mediterranean.

Shortly after my arrival I got to meet the people at the Babilonia Language School where I would be learning Italian for a week and exploring the culture of Sicily. My accommodation was in a lovely 13-room privately owned hotel that has been operated by the Sciglio family for more than 50 years.

Mr. and Mrs. Sciglio are in their mid-eighties and continue to work extremely hard, without even a thought of retirement, and their son Salvatore works with them. In an interview I learned more about the hotel’s history and the family’s involvement in this business. On the second day I joined my first guided excursion with the Babilonia language school: a guided hike to the ancient village of Castelmola which was followed by a tasting of Sicilian delicacies in a local bistro.

My first weekend in Sicily promised to be great: an excursion to the ancient town of Siracusa and an exploration of the gorgeous coastline just east of Taormina, including the town of Mazzaro and Isola Bella. The following Monday was my first day of language studies: first we went through the placement test, and then we had our first lesson which included some unique yet effective teaching methods. The next day was May 1, Italian Labour Day and a national holiday: a perfect opportunity to rent a car and drive into the countryside surrounding Mount Etna, Europe’s largest volcano, which by the way, had erupted the night before.

The next day it was back to school, and Alessandro, the director of the Babilonia language school, gave me a personal history lesson about Sicily and also explained the origins of that famous Sicilian institution, the Mafia, to me in detail. That evening I joined in a cooking class in a private home offered by the language school. I was going to see first-hand how a real multi-course Italian meal was prepared, using authentic, locally grown ingredients. And of course, I would have a chance to taste the finished delicacies afterwards and partake of a nice meal with other language students and the local Ferrari family.

My language studies the next day were followed by a visit to a local pottery painting artist, as Babilonia also offers pottery decoration courses, in addition to hiking, biking, golfing and diving programs. Perched on the rooftop patio of a Taormina hotel, with a perfect view of an ancient palazzo right next to Mount Etna, I learned about Sicilian pottery painting techniques. In the late afternoon I joined another excursion to hike up the southern flanks of Mount Etna. A visit to a winery and a nice dinner followed.

Then I had reached my last day in beautiful Taormina and after my final language lessons it was time to say goodbye to the folks at Babilonia, and to my co-students, whom I had gotten quite fond of. With the exception of the occasionally grey and drizzly weather, my experience in Taormina had been great: the language learning, the interesting excursions and activities and the interaction with my international co-students had been a really great experience. I was a bit sad to leave Taormina where I had gotten so comfortable.

But a new adventure was about to begin: I took the train to Milazzo on the northeastern side of Sicily, where the next day I would embark on a seven-day sailing trip through the beautiful Eolian Islands, offered by Laboratorio Linguistico, a Milazzo-based Italian language school. After meeting some of my six shipmates, who were really cool by the way, we were off on our sailboat, the 4 cabin “Solitaire II”, to our first destination: the island of Lipari, the largest of the Eolian Islands, and an extremely scenic place.

Our expert skipper Francesco, a licensed captain, also happened to be the co-owner of the language school, and one of our two resident language teachers on this sailing trip. After Lipari we continued our sailing trip to Salina, a neighbouring island, where three of us went on a driving tour to see local villages and also the house where “Il Postino” was filmed. An Italian lesson on the backyard patio of a bar was our first introduction to Laboratorio Lingustico’s language teaching program. Of course Francesco and Franco, our second teacher and co-owner of the school, conducted all conversations during the entire sailing trip in Italian only, which allowed us to be fully immersed in the language all the time. After we had nourished our brains, a Sicilian seafood feast capped off our second day on the boat.

On the third day we set sail for the island of Stromboli, which is still an active volcano. The town of Stromboli features such narrow streets that they are impassable to regular vehicles. No wonder the local “carabinieri” (Italian police officers) have to ride in golf carts.

After a somewhat turbulent late-night voyage from Stromboli to Panarea we arrived late and anchored in a bay off the island. On a gorgeous morning the next day we first had another language lesson – where else but on the outdoor patio of a bar in Panarea, surrounded by gorgeous sunshine and beautiful flowers. Panarea is an extremely photogenic destination and offered great opportunities for hobby photographers like me.

Our voyage continued to Lipari again where we would end an eventful day with a scrumptious outdoor feast on the main square. The next day three of us went on a driving tour of this beautiful island and from the south end we already saw our next destination: the island of Vulcano, which also features an active volcano. We anchored in a bay off this island, enjoyed some Italian lessons on the boat and after a delicious on-board dinner, our shipmates Franco, a gifted guitar player, and Agnieszka, a talented singer, entertained us with soulful melodies by candlelight on the back of the boat – magical moments that I will not forget for a long time.


How to Get Rid of New Sobig.F Virus?

As you know, this time the virus under the name Sobig.F has
wreaked quite havoc! No doubt, many of us have suffered from
this recent virus outbreak.

According to an online poll conducted by CNN: 32% of respondents
were infected with this malicious virus. At the pick, each of
every 17 emails contained sobig.F! Internet service provider
AOL says it scanned 40.5 million emails and found the virus in
more than half of them. Sobig accounted for 98 percent of all
viruses found in these emails.

What is Sobig.F virus?

This is a worm type of virus.    sobigraphics   Which means it is an executable
program that installs enhancement to your Windows operating system.
The ‘F” implies that it is the sixth of the family of Sobig viruses.
The first one was launched in the beginning of this year. The latest
attack was started on August 19.

According to some experts, Sobig.F was first posted to a porn
Usenet group and spread from there. It is timed to deactivate
itself on September 10. The pre-built deactivation mechanism
itself is a worrisome factor. Most experts think this means there
are more to come!

How it works?

Sobig.F comes along with an email with subject headers like Your
details, Thank you!, Re:  Thank you!, Re: Details, Re: Re: My details,
Re: Approved, Re:  webtechsolution   Your application, Re: Wicked screensaver or
Re: That movie. The body of the message is quite short and usually
contains either “See the attached file for details” or “Please see
the attached file for details.”

Once the file is opened, Sobig.F resends itself using a built-in
mailing program to e-mail addresses from the infected computer.
As a sender is address it shows one of the e-mails randomly
selected from the computer’s address book.
The worm was also supposed to attempt to retrieve an URL from a
predetermined list of 20 master servers on a certain date and time.
The content of that URL was to be downloaded and executed on
the infected machines.   Luckily those servers were identified right
away and shut down.

How to protect yourself against it?

If your computer is infected or you have doubts, first thing
you should do is: to check and clean up your computer from
this virus. Although, it is set to deactivate on September 10,
which means it will no longer multiply itself, however, left
untouched, it might attempt to update itself, once the newer
version of the virus comes out.

Suggestion One:

1. If you do not have latest     version of anti-viruses installed,
go to the Symantec’s following page:,

2. Down load the Sobig.F removal tool for completely free of charge.

3. Install and run it by strictly following the steps described
on the page.

Suggestion Two:

Download the latest security  alphabuildersanddevelopers  patches for your version of Windows
and install them.

Suggestion Three:

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, follow the steps below to stop
them appearing in your inbox:

– Open Outlook

– Click on “Tools” from main menu

– Choose Rules Wizard from the drop down menu

– On the page “Apply changes to this folder”: Click on “New”

– Select “Start creating a rule from Templates”

– Choose “Move messages based on content”

– Click on ” specific words” link from the box at the bottom

– A small window will  myimmunityboosters   appear, add each and every phrase scrupulously

from the list below:

Re: Thank you!

Thank you!

Your details

Re: Details

Re: Re: My details

Re: Approved

Re: Your application

Re: Wicked screensaver

Re: That movie











– Once finished click on “OK” to close the window.

– Click on the link “specified” at the same box

– Open a new folder by clicking on the “New” button under the

name “Virus Spam”

– Click on “OK”

– Click on “Finish”

– From now on all emails with the above mentioned phrases and

attachments will be moved to the “Virus Spam” folder.

– All you have to do is delete the emails, which will appear there.

A few more cautions:

Don’t open any executable attachment in an email, unless you are
hundred percent sure that this is a legitimate file that you have
been expecting.

Install an anti-virus program and update it on time, at the end,
this might be the best possible solution to protect ourselves from
these ugly online creatures!

Nowshade Kabir is the founder, primary developer and present CEO of – a Global B2B Exchange with solutions to create e-catalog, Web store, business process management and other features to run a business online. You can read various articles written

Have you ever heard of W32/Conficker.worm!inf, Mal/Iframe-E or software like ATIECLXX.EXE? No? Well those are both viruses currently circulating on the internet. Where those mentioned viruses maybe still considered as low-risk viruses, there are high risk viruses like W32/Sobig.f@MM threatening your computer. There are some unambiguous signs that your computer got infected with some sort of spyware. Among those are, that your computer is running much slower than normal and that pop-ups and other alerts are appearing on your Desktop. But to know for sure that no malicious software is installed on your system you have to do a thorough scanning offered by specialized distributors of anti-spyware-software.

To be sure the virus-scan really helps and discovers all spyware that is installed on your system you need to stick to some rules, when choosing an adequate software.



Does My Windshield Require Full Glass Replacement?

At a rate of 7.5 million incidents each year, glass damage ranks as the highest of all vehicular claims. Of those claims, a whopping 80 percent are windshield damage. Not only is this damage an eyesore, but can be a major safety issue as well. Experts report that driving with a damaged windshield puts not only your life, but also the lives of other drivers around you at risk. The most common question that arises after experiencing damage to your windshield is: Should I bother with a repair or get a full glass replacement? The following questions can help guide you in your decision and aid in explaining the differences between the two options.

Do I need to obtain a pre-inspection?

Pre-inspections can prevent you from unnecessary work because not all flaws are chips. At times, you could have a superficial scratch that does not actually reach the vinyl found between the layers. This damage does not weaken your windshield, so it is not necessary to replace the glass. Increasingly, however, companies are offering “free” windshield repair, raising the number of vehicle glass claims each year. These companies attempt to convince owners to repair damages that may, in reality, not even need addressing. Often, they commence the repair process prior to contacting your insurance company.

Can my damage be repaired?

A vast majority of repairs are reliant upon the section of the windshield that was damaged, as well as the size of the affected area. Vehicle panes are now more lightweight, allowing the glass to splinter into tiny cracks, which can be filled. A vacuum is created over the damaged area, all air and moisture is removed, and a resin is injected to penetrate the micro cracks. Finally, UV lights are used to harden the resin.

Repairs to these cracks are more than an aesthetic fix; it is actually a bonding process, which reconditions your windshield’s structural integrity. Additionally, it assists in preventing more chips or cracks from expanding onto the remaining areas. However, experts in the vehicle glass industry recommend that any damage larger than six inches undergo a replacement.

What if a repair is not an option?

When your damages are too close to the edges of your windshield or cut directly into your line of sight, glass replacement is necessary. If left damaged, the fracture could  Borosilicate Sight Glass slowly spread to the rest of the area. Driving over potholes or speed bumps could initiate the spreading process, causing a major driving distraction. Additionally, sudden changes in temperature such as use of the windshield defroster in cold weather or the air conditioner in warmer weather is enough stress to initiate spreading as well.

Experts report that once the vinyl resin, or safety layer, has been damaged, the windshield is unable to withstand much more impact. As a result, it cannot protect the driver and passengers as it should. Additionally, large cracks can have a negative impact upon your vision by reflecting sunlight glare, making it difficult for you to see. Glass replacement may seem like a costly solution, but ultimately could save your life, as well as the lives of others.


10 Free Online Tools To Test Website Speed

A website that loads faster is often considered good for more visits and hence, improved search engine rankings. More so, the site’s performance depends too much on its speed. The speed must be checked regularly to give it a touch of enhanced performance and usability. It’s important to test the speed and hence, free tools must be used for the purpose. In this write up, we would discuss 10 free online tools to test a website speed.

Load Impact

Load Impact is a useful and popular free online tool to check a website speed. This tool ensures that a website is offered with sufficient information to enable the traffic. Using this tool, the checker can get a graphical data, load time information and per second request information.

Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster Tool is another popular and helpful tool to test a website speed to enhance the performance. This tool offers a complete report of a website’s speed and performance in Google. Based on such detailed information, a website can easily be enhanced on the performance parameter.

Page Speed Online

Page Speed Online is a popular website testing tool from Google itself. Thus tool is bound to get good results for being A Google product. Using this tool, a website’s performance can be analyzed against a very high standard set by Google itself.


Iwebtool is another free online tool to check a website’s loading speed. Using this free tool, webmasters and users can test the speed and measure the potential of the website. More so, a good analysis and report is obtained that helps in the growth of the website.

Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools is a vital website testing tool that analyzes the speed and offers a set of results. A range of reports is gained once the speed of a website is tested through this tool. This tool gives separate reports on the testing speed of images, style sheets etc. More so, this tool makes it easy to know about the load time and page size of a website.


Vertain is free online software that is extensively used for the purpose of testing a website’s speed. Besides the website, this tool also tests the serve speed to give a clear idea about the performance of a website. Using this tool, speed variations are easily tracked and a site’s overall performance is evaluated against different websites to meet the target.


Site-Perf is a free online website testing tool that is used by many users and webmasters alike. Using this tool, a site’s loading page would be known through accurate set of data and information. It tests a website speed even after taking into consideration images, CSS and different files.

Website Optimization

Website Optimization is a free online tool to test a website speed to enhance its performance. Using this tool, a website’s page tome and download time could be easily known. Once the URL of a website is entered, the tool processes all information to fetch the complete loading speed.

Web Page Test

Web Page Test is another popular tool to check the loading speed of a website. Using this too, a website’s performance can be boosted through its improvement in the loading speed. This tool ensures that the loading test is carried out from multiple locations from across the globe.

Show Slow

Show Slow is a wonderful tool to test a website’s speed to help in its performance enhancement. The best part of this tool is its public display of results and analysis done for each of the URLs. It means nothing remains hidden when this tool shows results and everyone can have the access of this fact.


Upline and downline in Multi-level Marketing

There are two important concepts in the Direct Selling industry that take a special relevance in the Multi-Level Marketing and Party Plan models, where the compensation plan includes a network structure. These two concepts are upline and downline. In both models, each person of the sales force (also known as representative, consultant, distributor, etc.) is part of a network that is constituted by the upline and the downline.

Compensation plan structures can be complex depending on the company but the definition of this two concepts is actually very simple.

Downline: It refers to the network members that the consultant has recruit or that have join the organization after his/her enrollment. The downline represents income for the consultant, as they receive a percentage of their recruit’s sales.

Upline: It refers to the person who recruited you into the MLM company (that person is your sponsor) along with the people in the same line in the levels above you. The upline is the person who brought you into the business and his/her upline is also part of yours. They all will receive a percentage of your sales, what will enhance them to recruit more consultants.

For the system to run well, these two categories of people have to be there working together. It is the responsibility of the upline to help the downline understand the business and guide them to the success.


Hand Held Pulse Oximeter Technology Allows

Physicians have always wanted a medical and health device that they can utilize to monitor the pulse rate and blood oxygen levels of individuals and patients while the physician is on the go. The device that offers this feature of measuring pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation is a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a medical and health device that measures pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation with accuracy and ease. The patient simply places their finger inside the oximeter device and within seconds the device is able to calculate the SpO2 and pulse rate and thus provide a reading of these vital signs. In turn, the physician will use this information in order to determine whether the patient is functioning at optimal health or whether the physician needs to provide extra care. The hospital and office setting where the physicians typically practice have always had pulse oximeter devices.  pulserassevilla   However, these devices were very large and immobile. Typically you would have to purchase one device for each room as they were not able to be moved from one patient room to another easily. However this has not changed with the advent of new chip technology that allows for portable pulse oximeter use that can be taken anywhere easily.

The large oximeter devices have totally changed for the better in respect to physicians. These individuals were never able to move easily from one patient room to another and also measure the vital signs of patients. However, with these new portable devices the physician can see one patient in one room and quickly move to another room and measure the vital signs of that other patient. From an economical standpoint, the physician doesn’t need to purchase an expensive, immobile pulse oximeter device that would need to be bought for each room. Instead, the physician purchases a portable pulse oximeter that is not only a fraction of the cost of the standard oximeter device, but it also has the same level of accuracy and quality. The hospital setting is also a great place where physicians can utilize a hand held pulse oximeter. As the doctor needs to attend to multiple patients in different patient rooms they will be able to take their oximeter device with them to each room that they go to and monitor the vital signs of patients. They simply take the device and have the patient place their finger inside the probe of the device whereby a reading of their vitals signs is taken. From this reading the doctor is able to determine the level of health of the individual and what actions need to be taken to restore the individual health. These devices are typically powered by power outlets as they were traditionally only used in the hospital room settings. However, since they became portable and wireless devices the main power source has become battery power. Battery power allows the physicians the ease of moving seamlessly from one patient room to another without having to worry about wires.

Running is one of the most basic and effective exercises that a person can do. It requires nothing more than a pair of good running shoes and the open space to run. Those that truly enjoy and love their sport of running only understand the importance of the exercise and how you always strive to improve on yourself. However, these individuals also a lot of times are not aware of the dangerous side effects or health problems that could potentially occur if the runner is not paying attention to their vital signs. One of the biggest issues that occurs with runners is that they may over extend themselves while running and actually push their heart to dangerous levels. Their heart beat may get to points that their heart can not handle and thus may even risk having a heart attack. However, there is a way and method to monitor the heart especially the pulse rate of runners to ensure that they are not going past what is healthy and is the limit of that specific individual. This method is by way of using a pulse oximeter.

A pulse oximeter is a health device that has been used for many years. The difference between what is being used right now in the health field as opposed to what was being used previously is the size and portability of the oximeter. Previous generations of oximeters were not only expensive but they also definitely were not portable. They were heavy and bulky and could only be placed in a patient room in a hospital or clinic without the ability to be moved. The most important aspect of a pulse oximeter is the fact that it measures pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation with incredible speed and accuracy. You simply place your finger inside the pulse oximeter and within seconds a reading is created that represents your pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation.



Pulse Oximeter for University Research and Hospital Use

Universities serve a very important function in our society. Not only are they are place of learning but also many times universities have hospitals or health clinics that also offer many different types of health and medical services. The typical university hospital is very much similar to a standard private or public established hospital. They are just as equipped with not only the biomedical technology but also with the qualified health care professionals to provide the best health care to individual patients. One medical device that has started to become quite useful in the university setting is the pulse oximeter.  citizensadviceeastdevon   A pulse oximeter is a medical and health device that measures pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation with accuracy and speed. Blood oxygen saturation refers to what professionals better know as SpO2. SpO2 is the percentage of oxygen in the hemoglobin or the blood. This number is very significant to those individuals who have varying health conditions that require careful and close monitoring of their SpO2 levels. The pulse oximeter is specifically made to utilize the latest in infrared technology in order to get the measurements of SpO2 for not only health care professionals but also regular home consumers. Other functions that a pulse oximeter provides is perfusion index capabilities. Perfusion index is a special number that refers to the relative strength of a heart beat or pulse. Again, for different people with varying health conditions the monitoring of this perfusion index number is critical to healthy functioning.

University settings have particularly utilized the portable pulse oximeter devices that have as of recent hit the medical device market. With the advent of new portable chip technology the old oximeter devices that were found in most hospitals and clinics has now been transformed into a portable medical device that is only a fraction of the size of a cell phone. What makes the ability of the pulse oximeter to be portable is the fact that it can be taken wherever the university health care individuals desire to go. For example, if there are on staff physicians who go from patient room to patient room in order to diagnose different patients, they can simply take the oximeter device with them and easily check the vital signs of patients. This is very beneficial to the physician because he doesn’t need to worry about wires or the heaviness of previous generations of pulse oximeter devices. He can simply wear the pulse oximeter around his neck via a lanyard and utilize the device wherever he desires to go. The portable pulse oximeter has also garnered great admiration from medical university students due to not only the ease of use of the device but also the cost effectiveness. Due to the advent of the new chip technology the oximeter has not only decreased dramatically in size but it has also dropped significantly in price. This in turn allows many university student who particularly would not be able to afford such a device to have access to this powerful vital sign monitoring device.Pulse Oximeter used by runners for monitoring their heart and oxygen levels Runners are some of the most dedicated and fit individuals in the field of sports and recreation. They truly try to push their body’s to the limits of health and endurance in order to drive themselves to new levels of health and fitness. One of the most important things that need to be monitored by these individuals is their pulse rate as well and blood oxygen saturation or oxygen levels. These two vital signs serve several functions for runners. First of all, running is a sport that impacts the body’s system in particular the cardiovascular and the lung systems. If the runner is not careful in monitoring these vital signs they may in fact cause some serious injury to their body. Lets say for example you are new to running and for some reason you want to finish the mile in 3 minutes. Your start running very fast and really don’t realize how much of an impact the intense workout is doing to your body. If for any reason your pulse rate goes above your normal levels or even your body does not get enough oxygen you may experience sharp chest pains or even pass out due to lack of oxygen. A Pulse oximeter is a great way to monitor your vital signs when running and training to increase your fitness levels. What you essentially have to do is to simply get the pulse oximeter devices that are known as the wrist pulse oximeter devices. These devices are made specifically for runners and wrap around the wrist of an individual using Velcro. The Velcro design will ensure that the device will not fall of the hand of the individual runner and become damaged.


Pulse Oximeter and Runners

With the increase in cardiac health issues in the United States, cardio exercise has been on a constant rise for many years now. If you take a quick look in your local gym, you will see that cardio equipment is starting to take up more space than weights. There is a reason for that, and it is based on supply and demand. No, supply and demand does not only apply to business, but almost everything. Individuals that are not part of a gym will readily run outside to maintain health and endurance.  stricktick    One very important vital sign that must be monitored during any cardio exercise is pulse rate, which is also referred to as heart rate.

Traditional method of checking one’s pulse rate was to use two fingers at the wrist and count one’s heart beats for 10 seconds and them multiple that number by 6. Well those days are long gone. Advances in technology today have made it possible to check one’s pulse rate on the go with a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter, also know as a pulse ox by some, is a portable medical device used to measure the blood oxygen saturation level and the pulse rate of an individual with the of a laser beam. The software for a pulse oximeter allows for very accurate measurements, which come at lightning fast times.

Runners throughout the United States have adopted a pulse oximeter along with their digital watch for their exercises. It has proven to be a great tool, which is both accurate and portable. A pulse oximeter is available online from various sources, but our study has shown that is the leader in the pulse oximetry industry for over 10 years now. Their site offers a wide range of oximeters which all start for under $100 with free shipping, and a comprehensive 2 year warranty.

Heart Arrhythmia is a medical condition that although is not very common it in fact is very serious and needs to be closely monitored. Heart Arrhythmia occurs in a situation where the normal pulse rate or beating of the heart is at an abnormal rhythm. This abnormality can be caused by many different factors that still to this day have baffled scientists and physicians to figure out the true cause of the condition. Although the cause of the condition has not been figured out, the ability to monitor the condition now is available. A device that has proved to be particularly useful and helpful to those individuals who have heart arrhythmia is a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is an extremely useful and effective device that is used to measure the pulse rate and the blood oxygen saturation of individuals with various health conditions. More advance pulse oximeter devices also have plethysmograph capabilities as well as perfusion index capabilities. Because of the ability to use the device to monitor the heart, the pulse oximeter is a preferred device of choice by patients monitoring their Heart Arrhythmia. The individual patient simply places their finger inside the device and within seconds they get a reading of their pulse rate and perfusion index. By doing this the person can continuously monitor their heart to ensure that it is functioning at normal levels and if not they will seek immediate medical attention in order to diagnose their problem.

The way that a pulse oximeter can be particularly useful for individuals with heart arrhythmia is that they can take the device wherever they desire to go. The newer generation of pulse oximeter products are extremely portable. They are only a fraction of the size of a typical cell phone and also are powered by a batter power whereby the device is completely portable. Say for example an individual has heart arrhythmia and as such they need to constantly monitor their health in order determine where it is functioning at health levels. If they decide to go on vacation or even to engage in physical activity, they can simply always carry with them their pulse oximeter device that they can use to monitor their heart. They simply place their finger inside the device and get an instant reading of their heart beat or pulse rate and as such they have the monitoring power right in their hands. The previous generation of oximeter devices although were extremely effective they however were not portable. Thus the individual patients had to be in a hospital or clinical setting in order to have their heart monitored. The device is not only extremely effective and accurate but it is also very cost effective. With the advent of new chip technology the devices have decreased dramatically in both size and price. Thus this allows for more individuals to have access to such a useful device without the concern that they could not afford the device due to their limited budget and limited finances.



Why You Would Need a Pulse Oximeter Device for Your Home

A pulse oximeter is a medical and health device that is used primarily for one function and that is for vital sign monitoring. A pulse oximeter is made to measure pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation of individuals instantly. Blood oxygen saturation for those of you who do not know what it means is the percentage of oxygen that is in the blood. This percentage has great significance for individuals that have varying types of medical and health conditions including respiratory conditions like asthma and COPD. So why would you need a pulse oximeter for your home? Well if you are a person with either a cardiac or respiratory illness then a pulse oximeter is    rabudoru    truly a fantastic product that will provide you with complete vital sign monitoring but with the portability that will allow you to go wherever you desire to go.

The device is very small and is actually only a fraction of the size of a typical cell phone. However, it has all of the technologica capability to provide the individual with accurate readings of their pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation. The other thing that the oximeter device offers is the fact that it provides “continuous” readings of pulse rate and SpO2 along with an alarm function. The reason why this is important is because if you have a health condition that requires you to constantly monitor your health including your vital signs of pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation then the ability to continuously monitor these vital signs with an oximeter is very key to health monitoring.

So if you for example have COPD and you have issues with your oxygen intake. What you can do is to take your pulse oximeter device that is completely portable wherever you desire to go and continuously monitor your vital signs. Should your oxygen levels fall below a normal or health level then the device will start alarming and alerting you that your levels have fallen below the normal rates. When this occurs you will thus have been notified of this lack of oxygen and thus can try utilizing supplemental oxygen in order to compensate for the lack of oxygen.

The most important factor of the oximeter device is the portability factor. We as individuals live very active lives that we are constantly on the move. We either are going to work or going to the gym or even on the way to the grocery store to shop for food. Thus, if you have a health condition that requires continuous monitoring of your vital signs then the use of a portable pulse oximeter is absolutely critical to your health monitoring. You can easily take the pulse oximeter wherever you desire to go and monitor your health. Should the situation arise that your levels have fallen below normal levels then the device will automatically alert you as to the issue and thus you can take appropriate actions to remediate the situation.

Medics use a pulse oximeter for measuring the saturation of oxygen in blood. The acceptable percentage of oxygen is from 95% to 100%. The oximeter is widely used for measuring blood oxygenation since it is nonintrusive as medics are not required to draw blood from the patient to measure oxygen levels. In most medical facilities, pulse oximeters are attached to monitors in order to provide continuous monitoring of the patients’ oxygen levels.

A pair of light emitting diodes makes up the sensing unit of the oximeter. One of the diodes emits a red light and the other emits an infrared light. A clip holds one light on either side, and is attached to a translucent body part, usually a fingertip or an earlobe. The diodes then send pulses of light, which are absorbed at varying rates, depending on whether the blood is oxygenated or deoxygenated.

The pulse oximeter makes use of fixed ratio in order to determine the blood oxygenation percentage. The oximeter only measures the oxygen levels in blood, disregarding skin tissues, since the wavelengths from the light respond directly to the pulse. The arterial walls expand and contract as the heart beats, which the light responds from. Due to this, the patient must have a perceptible pulse in order for the oximeter to work properly. Thus, the clip must not slip out of place during monitoring.