A great way increase the security of your home.

This is a great way increase the security of your home. And you are able to achieve this even on a low budget. In order to increase the strength of your existing door lock you will need to take out the original short practice lockset mounting screws and replacing them with one’s that are much longer, such as with 3 inch screws. The short mounting screws are going to be on the door jamb not on the door itself. The reason why this is going to increase the security of the door is because the 3 inch screws that you are putting in are going to get screwed into the stud of the door, and make it much more difficult to break under the force of somebody kicking in the door.

These are the best ways to improve the security of your door. Of course you will find that there are many other ways that will make your home or office much more secure but it will require a bit more money to lie out. Such as upgrading your lock to a keyless entry, video surveillance, and many others.

Immediate door repair is essential to the safety of your home, belongings, and your family. It is also important to the structural stability of the home as well as the condition of the interior. A front entranceway, in particular, is important because it is the focal point of the front exterior of most homes. This is what your neighbors and visitors see first and foremost. Now let’s look at the main reasons to keep it in tip top shape.

Energy Efficiency

If you want to keep your heating and cooling bills at a reasonable price, you’ll need to maintain your doorway to ensure it is energy efficient. Even if you don’t have one specifically designed to be energy saving, there are things you can do to help conserve. Warped frames and gaps at the top and at the threshold will permit outdoor air to come inside making your home drafty and uncomfortable, as well as inefficient.


Keep Mother calm

Hi, my name is Austen Seekabow, and I want to help you get organized. You can can find more of my articles about organization at ezinearticles, they quick dry hand towels will help you to clear the clutter out of your life and bring your hope back.

1. Stay calm

Delivering puppies can be effortless at times so don’t panic. Large breeds are particularly easy.

2. Confine pregnant dog to a good location.

The first concern when your dog is delivering puppies is the location of the mother. A drafty cold area out of arms reach is the worst place a dog can have puppies. If your dog is currently in labor confine her to a location that is draft free, warm and easily accessible to you.

3. Get phone number for your vet or local emergency vet (for after hours).

See end of article for national emergency vet directory.

4. Gather supplies

Needed items include scissors, floss (or hemostat), heat pad, petroleum jelly, hand towel, calcium, (tums, vanilla ice cream, or dog supplement) fyi- Calcium aids in birthing contractions of dogs

5. Keep Mother calm

Limit the number of people and animals that are around the delivering mother. Stress from a crowd can put your dog out of labor for hours. Threatened mother dogs have been known to kill their puppies.

6. Once mother starts pushing or puppies start emerging give her the calcium

Calcium will help strengthening contractions; thus, making delivery quicker. Crush one tums and put in mothers mouth or use calcium paste supplement (recommended). or offer vanilla ice cream. If mother delivers several puppies then stalls you can give her some more calcium later.


Market Ready for New Knee Arthritis Treatment: APOS Device Gets Funding

APOS Medical and Sports Technology Ltd., an Israeli company, recently announced that it has raised $8 million in venture capital funding for further development and marketing of its unique device designed for osteoarthritis treatment for knee pain sufferers. Pitango Venture Capital, a large VC firm also located in Israel, made the investment. The VC firm has a history of investing in successful technology companies, with over 120 investments since 1993.

The APOS device is designed to treat knee osteoarthritis by creating multi-directional instability. The device looks like a shoe with two half balls glued to the sole. APOS is an acronym for “All Phases of Step Cycle” and was developed by Dr. Avi Elbaz and Dr. Amit Mor in Israel.  mayodi   Development of the device has been underway for over 10 years.

The APOS device, which contains the semispherical balls, is attached to a patient’s shoes. The platform’s balls create an unstable gait, mimicking natural walking on uneven surfaces. While seemingly odd, the instability both relieves pain and strengthens a person’s muscles. Patients use the APOS device for 30 to 60 minutes each day. As the patient uses the device, the instability forces the patient’s body to a proper alignment, reducing pain. Also, the person’s muscles are retrained, creating improved motion and increased function. The treatment is administered by specially trained physiotherapists, and includes computerized gait analysis.

Clinical trials have shown that the device improves the patient’s posture and walk, and relieves knee and other leg joint pain. The system was designed around the concept of functional rehabilitation. The APOS device simulates real life conditions, where many current techniques teach a patient to stand in a clinic. APOS’ designers attempted to simulate the way mammals rehab in nature.

APOS has conducted trials that have shown the platform can

* reduce the intensity of knee pain by 66% after eight weeks

* eliminate most lower back pain in 70% of patients

* enhance patient’s quality of life by significantly improving joint function

Drs. Elbaz and Mor have seen over twenty thousand patients to date with the APOS device. Half of the treatments were conducted in Israel Additionally,  mein-tierschild  in 2009, the company jointly conducted a commercial trial in the United Kingdom with Bupa, Britain’s largest private health insurance company. As a result of the trial, the companies formed APOSTherapy, which is now a stand alone entity that is a member of the Association of British Healthcare Industries.

Dr. Mor, APOS’ CEO says, “The product has several applications. It can be used for stabilization, improve athletes’ performance, and prevent knee injury.” The device can also treat knee damage caused by aging, or injuries from sports or accidents.

So far, APOS markets its product in Israel, Singapore, and the UK, where it operates with Britain’s largest private health insurance company BUPA Ltd. APOS intends to use the proceeds from Pitango’s investment to finance the launch of its device in other countries, especially the US, Germany, and Japan. APOS is currently seeking US FDA approval.

Summer 2016 would officially kick off a few months from now. Do you already daydream relentlessly as to what your adventure would be like this summer? If you don’t have that picture perfect yet, let me give you some tips on what to do for your 2016 summer getaway.

Scuba Diving

Plunging into the bottom of the deep blue sea is a great way for you to beat the heat this summer.  gunsforsalecheap  Scuba diving will not only help you cool off, but will also give you a relief from your stresses and anxieties. This will also help you relax while you drift into the sea.

Another thing about scuba diving is that it will make you appreciate the beauty hidden underwater. You will encounter different species of plants and animals that maybe you have only read about in books. Through this water sport, you will realize that the magnificence of Mother Nature does not stop on land, but goes beneath the sea.


Cycling, also known as biking, is another activity that I recommend for you to do this summer. It is an easy low-impact exercise that will make you enormously fit and healthy. By doing this sport regularly, not only will you have loads of fun and adrenaline rush, but you will notice an  globalhealthpharmaceuticals   improvement in your balance and coordination, strength, and overall wellness.

A published article says that biking is also good for the heart, muscles, waistline, immune system, and mental health.

Another advantage of cycling is that you are able to contribute for the betterment of the environment. By riding your bike instead of your car, you are able to go to your destination minus the production of greenhouse gases.

Martial Arts

If you don’t know anything about martial arts yet, then this summer is the right time for you to learn about it.

According to Blackbeltmag, the philosophy of martial arts is to teach about respect, discipline, hardwork, sacrifice, and humility. It also trains to walk away from trouble, lose the ego and fight only as a last resort.

Through martial arts, not only will you be in excellent physical condition, but you will also imbibe the values of respect, discipline, and humility, just to name a few.

Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is an outdoor sport, which I highly encourage you to do this summer. Among all the activities, you should not miss mountain climbing for the world because the excitement of doing this is at an all time high.

If you are considering this  vapesonline  sport, there is no better way to do it than to climb Mt. Apo. Since it bagged the title of the highest peak in the Philippines, it will be your biggest challenge to date.

When climbing Mt. Apo, make sure that you bring with you tons of guts, determination, and discipline because these are your keys to discover Mt. Apo successfully.

I am confident that you already have a mental image of what you want to do. Actually, you can do all 4 of them as long as you make climbing Mt. Apo your priority this summer.

Mt. Pulag

Mt. Pulag is one of the most beautiful and sought after mountain trekking spots in the Philippines. It is considered as the second highest mountain peak in the country, next to Mt. Apo which is in Mindanao. The peak is 2,992 feet elevation above sea level. The majestic provinces of Ifugao, Benguet, and Nueva Vizcaya are joined together in forming the mountain range, which may cover up to 11, 550 hectares of land area. Many locals and tourist from all over the world come and visit the peak to witness the vibrant sunrise and the famous dramatic sunset.

The mountain was  ogdispensary  declared as a National Park in order to protect the diversity and the inhabiting wild animal species in the area. You can find many wild exotic bird species in the dense forests along the trail to Mt. Pulag. There are about 33 bird species which can be found in this area.

From the start off point, it may take about 5 days and 4 nights of trekking expedition to reach the peaks of Mt. Pulag. There are many suitable camping sites along the trail where you can comfortably set up your tent to get a good rest and relax. Though the Philippine terrain is in a tropical region, the temperature in getting near or being at the peak may go as low as 0oC. It is advised to bring appropriate thermals and wind breakers for cold and freezing protection.

Mt. Apo

Hailed as the highest mountain peak in entire beautiful archipelago of the Philippines, Mt. Apo is one of the most sought after and most climbed mountain in the country. It has an elevation of 2, 954 from sea level. The scenic location is between the two provinces of Davao City and Davao del Sur. There are many starting off trails leading to the summit; coming from North Cotabato and Davao provinces.

The panoramic view and the stunning nature’s beauty which mountaineers can find at the peak is just one of a kind. This mountain is also considered as one of the many dormant volcanoes in the Philippines. Overlooking from the peak, you can get a good view of the entire Davao City in the northeast, Digos City in the southeast and Kidapawan City in the west.The mini-plateau top of the mountain, about 500 meter wide has a small crater lake.

It takes about two trekking days to reach the Mt. Apo peak. The mountain is rich with wild life diversity. There are over 272 species of wild birds inhabiting the place, 111 of the species are endemic to the area.    dekaianime  The forest surrounding Mt. Apo is also the home of the famous Philippine national bird, the Philippine Eagle.

Mt. Dulang Dulang

With an elevation of 2, 938 meters from sea level, Mt. Dulang-Dulang or commonly called “D2” among Mountaineers. It is the second highest peak next to Mt. Apo in the island of Mindanao. Climbing to the peak is considered a major climb, with a difficulty of 6/9.

The long hiking travel to the peak will be forgotten with the stunning landscapes, centuries old tries and comely grasslands that mountaineers meet along the way. At the dense jungle and on the higher grounds, the temperature is typically low even at daytime.

Just like the other mountains in the Kitanglad Range, the area of Mt. Dulang Dulang is luxurious with the diverse flora and fauna. It is also a territory of more than 58 mammal species including squirrels, bats, monkeys, flying lemurs, shrews, wild boars, and deer.

Mt. kitanglad

Mt. Kitanglad is the fourth highest mountain peak in the Philippines. The way going to the peak has been established since there are many bunkhouses and presence of electricity supply present at the summit. However, even if the trail has been established, it is still a challenge in reaching the peak. The wondrous landscapes, tough adventure and the unique scenic views that capture the eyes are entirely one of a kind.

Hiking Mt. Kitanglad is considered a major climb with a difficulty of 6/9. It is advised for newcomers to bring a map. There are so many visible places atop: Cagayan de Oro City, Camiguin Island at the northern part, Balatucan Mountains, Mt. Ragang, Mt. Dulang Dulang and other various mountains of Mindanao.

Mt. Tabayoc

Considered as the second highest mountain peak in Luzon, and the fifth highest peak in the Philippines, Mt. Tabayoc is also one of the most sought after must climb summits in the country.

The gigantic trees are almost coated with moss and the misty forest is partly cloudy all over even during the heights of daytime. This characteristic adds to the ancient aura that could be felt in the dense jungles. In the forest of Mt. Tabayoc, you can find many of the rare species of flowers and orchids specific to a tropical region. It is also a habitat to most endemic and endangered bird species.

The peak of Mt. Tabayoc offers a breathtaking open grassland summit. The tantalizing views that surrounds mountain top creates a feeling the hiker has finally conquered the world. The pristine characteristic of the mountain and the unfamiliar beauty adds to its mystifying charm.

Most trails going to Mt. Tabayoc remains unknown up to this time. It is advised that mountaineers get a local guide to assist them in getting to the summit. Some preparations must also be made before setting a trek schedule. The best time to visit the summit is during the summer season. During the rainy days, many trails are slippery and th


Inheriting the APOE E4 Gene and What it Means

SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization (SAP APO) is the planning component that, together with SAP Event Management (SAP EM) and SAP Inventory Collaboration Hub (SAP ICH), makes up the SAP SCM solution.

The mySAP SCM Solution suite is complete and heuristic, spanning from supply chain planning and execution to collaboration, visibility and performance management.

Structure of the mySAP SCM solution

Supply Chain Planning contains demand planning, (cross-plant) distribution and procurement planning, and detailed production planning down to operation level.  apofrajeis  These functions can be executed in SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) (previously version: SAP R/3) and/or in SAP SCM in the components SCM DP, SCM SNP and SCM PP/DS in SAP APO.

Supply Chain Execution contains planning execution as part of manufacturing. Materials Management also falls into this area. mySAP ERP Central Component (ECC) or SAP ECC play a central role in these functions.

Supply Chain Visibility is a key area of the mySAP SCM solution and is composed of Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM) and Supply Chain Performance Management (SCPM).

Supply Chain Collaboration is a key area in the mySAP SCM solution that supports collaborative planning and the exchange of documents with suppliers and customers. Collaborative planning can be done in the SAP Inventory Collaboration Hub (SAP ICH) or in SAP AP    dailyvesting   with demand in the global chain by balancing push and pull network-planning processes and by handling replenishment and production based on actual demand.

SAP Advanced Planning & Optimization (APO) is consisted of the following components:

APO DP: Improves the forecast quality and planning accuracy
APO SNP: Improves visibility across your global chain and lowers inventory
APO PP/DS: Supports you in creating optimized production plans
APO gATP: Allows state-of-the-art sales order confirmation planning processes
APO TP/VS: Optimizes transportation loads and minimizes transportation costs
APO Alert Monitor: Powerful exception message system integrated in all APO planning modules
APO components
APO DP (Demand Planning):

Calculate and determine future demand to improve demand quality and accuracy. Improved forecast quality by using one tool for power and business user and consolidated demand plan (different regions, countries, departments, for example)

APO SNP (Supply Network Planning):

Calculates quantities to be produced and delivered to the locations to match customer demand and maintain desired service levels. To increased visibility over the overall supply chain and optimized sourcing and capacity utilization. SNP also reduced inventory levels and improved customer service.

APO PP/DS (Production Planning & Detailed Scheduling):

PP (Production Planning) delivers a short term plan that matches overall supply to demand, given available resources and production methodology.

And DS (Detailed Production Scheduling) determines optimal production sequence for execution to meet delivery commitments based on actual constraints on the shop floor.

APO PP/DS determines how, callgirlslucknow  when, and where resources and materials should be deployed to accomplish the production goals and Master planning for materials

APO gATP (global Available-to-Promise):

Online information about the most recent state of plan allows order promising that will execute after the customers’ expectation. Meet the demand communicated throughout the supply chain with the best sourcing for the available inventories in the supply chain and to sell only what you can actually sell.

APO TP/VS (Transportation Planning / Vehicle Scheduling):

Plan and optimize shipments for orders (sales orders, purchase orders, returns, and stock transport orders) and deliveries. Reduction of transportation costs via advanced planning algorithm. Utilization of vehicles can be optimized. Clear visibility of vehicles / resources / demands and optimized Shipments in terms of lowest transportation costs

APO VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory):

Allows efficient management of the supply chain by managing customer inventory replenishment with automated collaboration. Reduction of stock-outs, rush orders and supply bottlenecks and improved cooperation to the customers and delivery service level.

APO Alert Monitor:

Powerful exception message system integrated in all SAP APO planning modules. First task of the day for a planner: Check the existing alerts. Drill-down from the alert monitor to the application to solve the issue, for example.

This article is a part of SAP APO information. If you are now searching for SAP APO or SAP SCM resource, please check out my website and join my community that gives you the up to date information. Please visit Execute Help On SAP ERP Sincerely, Peeraphat J.

While there is no cure or definitive cause of Alzheimer’s disease, researchers have been focusing on genetic links which may contribute to this disease. Researchers have found one particular gene which they believe to be a risk factor for developing late-onset Alzheimer’s disease in those who inherit it.

This gene is the  geschenke-geschenkideen   “APOE gene” or “apolipoprotein E gene” of which there are three types called “alleles” that are the most commonly found: “APOE e2, APOE e3, and APOE e4.” It is the “APOE e4” gene that researchers have determined to be the gene which increases the risk for Alzheimer’s.

One APOE allele is inherited from each biological parent and if an individual inherits one or two of the APOE e4 gene they are at a greater risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease however, this does not mean that the individual will acquire the disease for certain.

People who inherit two of the APOE e4 are at a greater risk however, some of these individuals never show symptoms while others who do not even have this particular gene at all develop Alzheimer’s. Therefore the level of risk for an individual who is carrying the APOE e4 gene can not be determined which is why these genes are only considered as risk factors.

APOE Research and Testing

While blood testing is done for the APOE genes, even if an individual has the APOE e4 gene this cannot determine whether or not they will acquire Alzheimer’s disease however, this testing can be useful for researchers as they can then do further testing by looking for any characteristics of Alzheimer’s in the brain of individuals with the APOE e4 gene.

This testing is generally not used in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease however,  decorsmag   in some cases where a medical evaluation has determined that an individual most likely has this disease; this test may be used in combination with other medical testing to solidify the diagnosis.


About the Author: Anne Ahira is an established entrepreneur and successful coach in her country of Indonesia. Her success story has been published in many nationwide publications in Indonesia.

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Cognitive decline in old age has been described throughout history. However, it was not until the early part of the 20th century that a collection of brain cell abnormalities was specifically identified by a German physician, Alois Alzheimer, for whom the dread disease was named.

Nearly a century later, a high risk for Alzheimer disease was associated with the Apo E 4 gene. Immediately following this discovery, ethical dilemmas associated with genetic testing led to the conclusion that medical records should be kept private in order to protect the rights of patients. Guidelines for genetic testing for Alzheimer disease determined that individuals should not be tested without their primary medical providers’ support and guidance. In 1997, President Clinton proposed a law that would help make it a crime for employers or insurance companies to discriminate on the grounds of genetic testing data they obtained. While his proposal did not become law, half the states in the United States have adopted this policy.

Not all people with Apo E 4 develop Alzheimer disease, especially those who have created a gene-supportive environment. But without that, 90 percent of the 4/4 combination and 49 percent of the 4/3 and 4/2 variants develop the disease. This is a relatively exclusive Apo E club since it is estimated that only 5 percent of the population has the Apo E 4/4. The percentage of the population with the Apo E 4/3 and 4/2 genotype totals 20 percent.

Conversely, not all people with Alzheimer disease have the Apo E 4 genotype. What I do know from my clinical practice is that Apo E 4s who eat a high-fat diet have a very high cholesterol level. My patients with two copies (Apo E 4/4) consistently have total cholesterol levels in the 300s and 400s with LDL in the 200s and 300s.  ehabcenter   Extremely high levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol cause high levels of inflammation in the blood vessels, including those in the brain. Therefore, a connection between Alzheimer disease and one’s diet is not surprising.

As with all chronic diseases, Alzheimer disease results from the interaction of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors over many years, causing changes in brain structure and function. While it is a complex disease with no single, clear-cut cause, for those with a 4/4 genotype, careful matching of your nutritional environment will likely postpone or prevent the development of Alzheimer disease.

In summary, of the many theories about this disease-from toxic factors like aluminum or zinc to smoking being the causative agent-having an Apo E 4 gene (or two) seems to have the strongest connection with Alzheimer disease and provides a connection between elevated cholesterol and fats, with a resulting cellular inflammatory process in the brain.

In my clinical practice I am often able to discern trends in diseases. From these examples, I hope that you can see that the Apo E gene is a powerful component of our total genetic blueprint-a major factor in our overall state of health. For this reason, I believe this gene will be the focus of much future research in the areas where it interacts with our specific environment-our diet, exercise, thought patterns, and any medications we’re taking, as well as its connection with heart disease, cancer, and many other chronic diseases, especially those involving the immune system.

In my opinion not enough attention is being paid to the nutritional connection of these diseases with the Apo E gene. With more attention paid to that connection and with the right nutritional adjustments, reducing the risk of chronic disease is possible, and the risk of cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer disease in particular can be lowered.

Furthermore, I think the risk for Apo E 4 genotypes extends beyond just Alzheimer disease and heart disease. Given that my clinical experience has shown that patients with certain genotypes have certain disease clusters or associated illnesses, the development of many chronic illnesses may turn out to stem from imbalances within each Apo E genotype and how the person’s environment supports (or doesn’t) their specific genotype.

Pamela McDonald is a leading Integrative Medicine Nurse Practitioner, who specializes in the prevention of heart and Alzheimer’s disease, and chronic illness. To learn more about her ground breaking book, and program


The Benefit of Newsletter Subscription for Your Blog and Website

If you need to create multiple QR codes simultaneously, you are on the right page. Typically, employers need to generate several vCard QR codes for their workers. At times, you may need to organize an event and you may need to have all of the participants bring their unique QR codes with their name tags. In this article, we are going to talk about the best practices you Tips For New Mothers  have to follow when it comes to generating these in bulk. Read on to find out more.

1. Add an Appealing Call-to-Action

First of all, there should be something that will arouse the interest of people. Apart from displaying your QR code,  Options Algo India you may want to add something eye-catchy. The idea is to attract the attention of the viewers.

You can use different call-to-action phrases such as “scan to win” and “scan to find out more”. This type of phrase can make the call to action more engaging. Apart worldshandicraft from this, the purpose of adding a call to action is to ensure your message is brief and concise apart from being interesting.

2. Put the code where It can be seen

These codes must nulled plugin be placed in the right location strategically. If the codes cannot be spotted, they won’t scan them. So, you may not want to make the mistake of placing it at the corner of printed mediums or posters.

So, you should not follow this practice trendhornan  and position the QR codes in a place where they can be easily seen. Besides, they should be big enough.

3. Design Matters

Typically, these are available in black businessitech  and white. Therefore, people can treat these figures just like barcodes. They are there for technical purposes dailyvesting  and common people have no use of them. Still the design of these codes is of paramount importance for a number of reasons. So, make sure you choose the best design possible before printing them.

When it comes to printing these in bulk, don’t forget the design and static aspects of these tools. If you go for the right code generator, there will be no such problem.etechrev For example, if you employ the best tool, you can add your desired logo, make alterations to the color and add many other features. This will make the image stand out and make it more interesting.

Since the generation of QR codes one by one involves a lot of effort, we suggest that you opt for the best generator to save you time and headache. Large companies hire the services of dedicated employees to generate QR codes for every service, web page, and individual product.

However, since we have code generators today, you can just click a button and the tool will create hundreds of codes in a few minutes.

Long story short, we suggest that gunsforsalecheap  you invest in a good bulk QR code generator and follow the best practices. After all, you cannot take the risk of compromising the quality of the codes.

As the half way point of 2018 is almost upon us, all the major manufacturers of home entertainment equipment have long since launched their key lines of hardware and all the features that come with them. In the months since CES 2018, retailers and customers alike have had a chance to really get to globalhealthpharmaceuticals  know what features Samsung, Sony and the like have provided for us this year.

We take a look now at Samsung’s ‘Ambient Mode’, which shouldn’t be mixed with ‘Ambient Display’ found on leading smartphones from the same company and offers more than just one or two reasons (if any more were needed) to keep your Samsung TV on for longer.

“What exactly IS Ambient Mode?” we hear you say. Well, let us explain.

For a long time, the focus has rightly been on what a TV screen can do in terms of picture quality and high definition representation of images. Whilst these aspects are still super important to any modern television, Samsung have truly thought out of the box on this one.

Samsung’s 2018 range of QLED models come with Ambient mode, which is a real groundbreaking shift to what your TV can do for you when you’re not actually directly watching it. It’s a ‘no more black screens’ kind of a deal.

Blending In

Firstly, if you want your QLED TV to quite literally blend in to its surroundings, you can make use of a very clever feature that does turns it into something of a chameleon. By taking an image with a Samsung smart phone of the TV and its surrounding area via the SmartThings app, the clever software algorithm inside create an image that matches the wall behind it, leaving it almost invisible, apart from the outer bezel.

Other Options

Of course, there will be many owners of models like the Samsung QE55Q9FN QLED TV, who are rightly proud of their purchase and don’t want it blending too well into the background where no one can see it. Other choices for the aptly named ‘Ambient’ setting can involve displaying photo albums, amazing looking digital clocks and even moving mountain scapes that change to reflect what’s happening with the local weather.

It’s creators say that it is the perfect way to connect your home to the outside world and we are inclined to agree with them from what we’ve seen of the feature ourselves.

The Icing on the Cake

Don’t forget that Ambient Mode is just one of many reasons why the 2018 Samsung QLED line of TVs are some of the best, most highly performing models the industry has seen. Blacker blacks, more dynamic colour, the best sound and more interactive features than have ever been crammed into a single television are all reasons to come and check them out for yourself.


Want to Look Stunning in Your Bridal Lehenga Choli?

One of the most colorful and traditional wedding ceremonies involve Indian brides and grooms. India in general is a country which is chock full of colorful traditions and rich cultural events. Unlike church weddings in Western countries which are a bit more formal, Indian weddings are grand celebrations where 50 to 100 guests or even more participate. There’s dancing, pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies, and the wedding ceremony itself is fun yet solemn and fully traditional.

How to Choose the Right Lehenga Choli to Wear

One of the reasons why Indian festivals and weddings are ultra-colorful is the garments worn by both men and women. Indian brides in particular are very traditional when it comes to what they are wearing during formal occasions like weddings and grand festivals. getbestweightloss  Even Western women and females from other parts of the world tend to wear Indian-inspired garments due to their sheer beauty, elegance and brightness in color.

If you are a bride who is planning what to wear during her traditional Indian wedding ceremony, for example, a type of garment that you can don is the bridal Lehenga Choli. Worn as early as the ancient times, colorful Lehenga Cholis are the go-to outfits of most brides. When worn with the right set of accessories, these beautiful garments are definitely the best way for women to make a fashion statement.

When choosing which Lehenga Choli garment to wear, here is a quick look at the factors that you need to consider:

What material is the garment made of?

Just as it is when choosing any type of clothing item, it is a must for you to be selective in choosing the material that you are going to wear on your wedding. Lehenga Cholis are usually made from silk although the accessories are made from a light, georgette material which is used to make scarves or veils.

How about the color and pattern of the fabric?

Red and yellow are dominant colors for Indian brides, although you can also go for unusual bridal shades like blue, green, gold, orange, etc. Most fabrics of Indian women’s clothes are floral in nature although some also have elegant abstract patterns.

Which style will best suit your personality and the occasion?

Modern Lehenga Choli designs are made to suit the bodies of modern Indian women. Take your pick from garments which have A-line skirts, fishtail or mermaid skirts, circular skirts or straight-cut skirts.

How about the cut of the bodice?

Depending on the amount of skin that you are comfortable showing, you can choose Lehenga Choli designs which are close fitting with long, short or half sleeves. There are even designs which allow women to bare their midriffs but without taking away from the tradition of wearing quite conservative Indian women’s clothes.

Other factors to consider when choosing the right Lehenga Choli to wear. Lehenga Choli clothes are not just worn during weddings, they can be suitable for formal occasions as well. Whether you are attending engagement parties, festivities, family gatherings or any other social occasions, these clothes will make you look your elegant best.

Sanjeev is the owner of Party And Wedding Dresses – an ecommerce online shopping site for Indian ethnic dresses.

Sarees- “is it a rising trend in fashion”‘? When was it ever out of fashion? No matter how many kinds of clothing and fashion come to the Bollywood industry,  gugly  sarees as an epitome of classic beautiful regalia will always outshine the rest. Haven’t you noticed how saree makes everyone look graceful? And by ‘everyone’- I mean every woman irrespective of color, race, ethnicity etc.

The age old apparel is still trending and it will continue to do so for as long as the civilization may last with or without fashion. You do know about the Bollywood and its glamour, right? The industry buzzes with very well adorned celebrities making statements wearing exquisite ethnic dresses every time they release a Bollywood movie.

Funny how Valentino’s and Prada’s are complimentary in Bollywood which will not suffice to make a fashion statement alone! For saree is in itself a fusion. It portrays a homogeneous blend of Hinduism and Muslim era. So how can it ever go out of fashion? The answer is never. Besides giving the appeal of a good, cultured and independent woman, there is more to the garment- its timeless which makes it a classic and elegant,  pureindia  its versatility makes it to be always trending. No matter how westernized Bollywood becomes, no matter how many kissing scenes it may adopt but our Bollywood actresses will never let go of this ”Desi-drape”. The ever-so-evolving drapery is never absolute because of its versatility. It was a fashion statement before, it still is and always will be. However, do not assume it to be ‘stagnant’. The vogue is constantly trending and its mantra is an ‘adopted evolution’.

One new direction of sarees is the adoption of lehenga sarees. No doubt, it’s still undergoing modification every day. New styles emerge when it comes to the highly competitive world of fashion industry and rising designers. Since last year, ‘half-sarees’, a hybrid of lehenga and traditional sarees is the new Bollywood Black. What’s more beautiful added to this invention is that besides being an easy wear unlike traditional sarees, it comes along with the dupattas which highlight the glamour of Bollywood. Rani Mukherjee in her recent appearance was wearing a bright pink designer half saree with floral patterns on it. She looked beautiful. Isn’t that what sarees are suppose to do? Half- sarees are just amazing.

Sarees as an elegant, traditional attire hardly needs a makeover. There are times when a simple traditional saree becomes the attraction in otherwise dull party. A bride in the Indian subcontinent always prefers to wear red sarees or contrasting bright colors. It is usually worn on the ‘mehendi’ function or on the reception day. Fabrics like silk, chiffon, Kanchivaram and Banarasi are used for saree, however silky material fits the best for the occasion. The heavily embellished sarees with zaris are always a head-turner. It is not just the bride, but every female guest attending the occasion adorns herself to look the best and definitely in saree one cannot go wrong. It suits every’body’s shape and size.

The story of saree is not just confined to the Indian subcontinent. Its popularity is widespread across the seven seas. Even Hollywood is inspired by this traditional attire.  godrejdeveloper   I wouldn’t be wrong to state that even Hollywood cannot resist Bollywood – from the Hotel Heiress Paris Hilton to my personal favorite Blake Lively to the super model Naomi Campbell and (woman who needs no introduction) Oprah Winfrey have promoted the sarees and have inspired designer apparel styles safely termed as ”Indo-Western gown” styles. Indian ethnic wear is escalating in the global market and who else can better promote it than influential celebrities themselves!

However the credit should definitely go to the Bollywood actresses for putting the Indian saree on the global map. The glitterati of Bollywood is amplified in this ethnic wear. You can see how amazing and glamorous Bollywood is with its representative saree as its first face. Sarees have become a must-have for all the women around the world and its occasion have surpassed just the bridal days. renklikadinlar Celebrities now wear it to the Red Carpet events or any formal occasion which proves how respected the attire is.

Black being the chicest color to be worn, it is no surprise that celebrities these days prefer black sarees over the little black dresses. From pop-stars to models, all rock the lacy black sarees highly embellished with rich sequins and beads or simply plain translucent sarees speak volumes in elegance.

Naomi Campbell and Nicole of the band Pussycat Dolls were spotted flaunting the black desi drape in international events. The popularity of this attire is amazing. At the same time ‘color’ is a quintessential signature of Bollywood. Our very own celebrities like to adopt variety and glitter and we cannot disagree with the trendsetters. For example Aishwarya Rai Bachan on her post-baby period wore the most amazing sarees that pleased the eye of the onlooker.

Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar etc have gripped global attention with their beautiful designs always giving a new edge to this ethnic wear that fascinates the world- therefore, saree will never be chucked at the back of a woman’s wardrobe.



Salwar Kameez, Lehengas And Kurti

Next to being a mother, wedding is the only event, which remains etched in the memory of a woman during her entire life. So, on this day it is only natural if she wants to look special and different from all the others present on her wedding day. Apart from wedding outfits, Indian bridal hairstyle and make-up play an important role in giving the bride the perfect look. There is wide spectrum of hairstyles available depending on the length of the bride’s hair, her choice and her bridal dress.

Initially, Indian brides did not pay much attention towards their hairstyles. However, with the passage of time, it became an important part of their overall look. As a result, there are various bridal hairstyle arrangements that are available in parlors and salons with fixed rates. The main idea behind these hair arrangements is to give the Indian bride a traditional yet classy look.

When you contact a hairstylist or a hairdresser, the first thing he or she would observe is the bride’s face structure, the height, the persona and the wedding dress and then accordingly suggest hairstyles. Punam sethi is one of the expert hairdressers who specializes in Indian bridal hairstyles and make-ups and makes the bride look stunning.

In fact, the Indian brides are becoming quite experimental today and most of them want to opt for new and latest styles. Hair coloring is also becoming a trend with more and more Indian brides trying different coloring options that such as Normal full hair color, Diagonal Streaking, Slicing, Velcro Coloring, Gray Hair Coverage, Horizontal Streaking etc. However, the bride, according to her color complexion and her color of the dress should, choose the hair color and must go for it only if it looks great on her.

The various things that can be done as a part of Indian bridal hairstyle include Roller setting, Ironing, Crimping, Ringlets, Braids, Layers, Vertical, Bangs, Fringes, Blunts, Sleek and Blunt, Straight, combo etc. The best salons or hairdressers have special software through which they can try various hairstyles on the bride’s picture. As a bride, you get to choose and decide which style will suit you the best. Of course, the hairstylist will  kolkatakurti explain you the idea behind each style. However, do not give in to persuasion easily. If you do not like a style, be vocal about it. It is your day. Everything aspect of wedding fashion has to conspire to make you look special and make you feel special.

Indian bridal hairstyle is pretty and eye-catching for the simple reason that they can be seen and observed through the bridal veil covering the head of the Indian bride. The bridal veils today are made of flimsy and falling material, which enable a good look at the hair of the bride.

Last but the most important point that Indian brides must keep in mind is to take prior appointment with the hairdresser. The best hairstylists have their appointment diaries lines up with brides wanting to look and feel good.

One of the great results of the Bollywood movies has been the introduction of the fabulous clothing worn in India and Asia to the rest of the world dekaianime  and especially the United States. The beautiful clothes that are worn seem to move like liquid around the bodies of stunning dancers, actors and actresses. The colors are alive and seem to tell their own story as they provide the essence of femininity to the women and masculine grace to the men. Many American movies are being made using elements of the traditional clothing worn in India and, if you are considering creating a fabulous, colorful wedding or special event, it will be helpful to know what type of clothing to look for.

Beginning with the Kurti, this lightweight tunic top is a great addition when worn with black trousers, jeans, or capri pants. The tunic is very comfortable and accents the body while giving you ease of movement. They are made from many different fabrics, but share the common love of unique embroidery and color that other Indian garb has. It is easy to find a Kurti for a special occasion or to get one that is great for everyday wear.

The Salwar Kameez is also known as the Shalwar Kameez and the Shalwar Qameez. It is traditionally worn in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northern India, and is the national dress of Pakistan. It is often worn to complement a sari, the traditional dress of India. The Salwar, or pants, are loose fitting and wide at the top then narrow at the bottom, normally fitting snugly at the ankle.

The Kameez is a tunic length shirt that can hit at the mid-thigh or close to the top of the knee. The side seams are open below the waist. Many bridge have designer jinnahtutors  salwar kameez made for their young bridesmaids with intricate designs and embroidery that matches the wedding sarees. There are four types of Lehengas that are worn for different occasions.

The most famous is the Lehenga/Ghagra Choli with its beautiful glittering mirror work, colorful fabrics and delicate intricate bead, stone and embroidery work. The bridal Lehenga is normally designed from silk, satin brocade, georgette or other delicate fabrics that give the bride a mythical beauty that is long remembered. There are three parts to the Lehengas. The Ghagra/Lehenga is an ankle length pleated skirt that flows and flares around the wearer.

The Choli, or blouse, fits snuggly and accentuates the femininity of the wearer with elaborate mirror work, patch work and a bare back and midriff. Lastly is the Odhi, Chunni or Dupatta which is also worn with the Salwar Kameez. These are often designed with such intricate detail and beauty that they are the choice for one of the bridal sarees. They are also the most favoured dress at national and international pageants because they bring out the true feminism of the wearer.

The Chaniya Choli or Ghagra Choli are very popular wedding sarees in the West and North of India. Normally designed from raw silk or brocade for weddings and formal occasions, this dresses have a pleated skirt that is ankle length and are embroidered to create dimension in the fabric.

The Sharara is relatively new and is a traditionally Muslim garment that shows the Persian influence. The wide leg pants are fitted to the knee, then flair. They create a loose flowing gown that is perfect for weddings or parties. The Lachcha is another beautiful dress that is looser and gives the wearer added comfort when they are dancing or doing a lot of walking. When you are choosing sarees for weddings or other special occasions, visiting an individual who is knowledgeable about the different styles, designs and what they mean will be very helpful.


Bridal Wear From India – Lehenga Choli

Lehenga Choli is one of those ensembles which will leave evergreen memories in your mind. A set of Lehenga Choli comprises of a choli or the Blouse, a flowing skirt and a roll over Dupatta. There are several designs in different patterns and fabric styles. The right way is to select a color and fabrics that suits one, and get it customized into a Lehenga Choli in preferred style. Lehengas for wedding are most preferred in Indian subcontinent.

Bridal Lehenga Cholis are made with exquisite care and concern as it is the one that makes the bride look like a goddess on the wedding day. A bridal trousseau has many Lehengas and Ghagra Cholis in it. Available in rich fabrics like raw silk, satin, crepe, net and georgette, Lehengas for wedding come out in various colours both traditional and contemporary.  ogdispensary  Designer They are adoringly made so for the brides just to make sure they are the highlight of their wedding day.

The collection available online offers one to browse through in pleasure and shop in a relaxed manner. It cuts off the hurried shopping that involves hours of time wastage in shopping malls and not finding the Choli of your choice. The online collection makes it all simple. The ample amount of styles and patterns available in various color and fabric options make this Lehenga collection a favourite among women.

The Bollywood Lehenga Cholis fashioned out of the many Bollywood movies are an instant hit in fashion world. These Lehengas are designed to make one slick and chic. Embroidered Lehenga Cholis are designed employing delicate but intricate embroidery work derived out of art work from across the world. These Lehengas use heavy embellishments of Kundan, Swarovski, Pearls, Stones, crystals etc. Silk Lehenga Cholis are always a much sought after ensemble among young ladies. Not only the attire is made of rich and the royal fabric silk but this also exudes a royal presence when in a crowd.

They are heavy in demand apart from marriages during the festive seasons like Navratri, Dussehra, Diwali, Eid etc. Regular Sale at online websites during these festive seasons ensures much availability of Lehengas and Ghagras. Lehenga Choli for kids is also a recent trend and the demand supply is always met by the online collection.

The latest style is an amalgamation of the traditional Lehenga Choli and a Saree and is called the Lehenga Style Saree. Here the pleats of the saree resemble to that of the panels of the Lehenga giving it a lehenga style look than that of a saree. is one of the most popular online shopping website for Indian Clothing that includes Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Anarkali suits, Bollywood Fashion, Costume and Fashion Jewelry. South Asians such as Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans living in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Europe, South Africa and other parts of the world love to buy their designer clothing online at because of the wide range of designer sarees, traditional sarees, bridal sarees, Punjabi Salwar suits, Kurti, Handbags and other fashion accessories.

Lehenga is one of the most favorite wedding attire for most the Indian brides. A lehenga traditionally consists of three parts namely, lehenga or ghaghra (full length skirt), a choli (fitted top or bodice) and the odhini or dupatta (veil). All these three parts are co-ordinated in the best possible manner to make the bride look perfect on her D-day. The colors, the designs, the style, every single thing has to be in synchronization with each other because then only this particular bridal attire or the perfect lehenga can create the actual dazzling effect.

There are a couple of pointers which can help one pick up the right kind of lehenga. Some of which are discussed below. Check out these lehenga tips here:

-The first thing which needs to be remembered while buying a lehenga is the budget. One should first fix a budget and then try finding a lehenga which suits the budget. This would help to keep the expenses in track and not make one end up blowing an unjustified amount on a lehenga.

-If you are getting a lehenga designed, then try to spend ample amount of time with the designer to provide him with a fair idea of the kind of lehenga you are looking for.

-Make sure the fabric used in lehenga is decent enough as at times the fabric quality is not prioritized while designing a lehenga.

-The lining used in the skirt has to be strong and comfortable enough to carry the weight of the heavy embroidery done on the skirt. Satin or any other soft fabric makes wonderful lehenga linings.

-Make sure that the embroidery etc. done on the outfit does not hamper the movement of your arms etc. or hurt the skin in any whichever way.  vapesonline  At times the embroidery under the arm on the bodice hurts the skin and hampers the movement of hands. Thus, it should be checked well before making a purchase or getting a lehenga designed.

Lehenga choli shopping is one of the most exciting experiences a lover of ethnic fashion can have. These beautiful and glamorous outfits are available in a plethora of amazing varieties. If a woman wants to look and feel like a royal Indian princess straight out of the annals of history, the lehenga choli is what she should be wearing. The best part is that lehenga cholis are comfortable and versatile as well as stylish and elegant. Thus, wearing this outfit during a hectic festival or wedding event is not the death knell for all comfort and enjoyment!

While there are many traditional varieties of the lehenga choli, it is the contemporary ones that have really attracted the attention and patronage of stylish fashionistas. When women go lehenga choli shopping today, they will find a number of western designs, fabrics and silhouettes arrayed next to the classic ones. Some are simply the classic, regional varieties, but with a new element added; which can be seen in either color, fabric, embroidery or even silhouette. Others are totally new outfits that have never been seen before.

A great example of the latter is lehenga style sarees. These are hybrid garments that combine the structure and fit of the lehenga with the elegant drape of the sari. The lower part of the outfit is a lehenga style skirt with a pre-pleated design added in order to make it resemble a sari. The upper half is the typical saree pallu which has to be draped over the shoulder. This is a designer outfit and as such it generally comes in very glamorous avatars. Richly decorated borders, colorful panels, gota patti work, zardozi designs and intricate resham embroidery are all often used to decorate these garments. They are the perfect choice for weddings, festivals and other ceremonies, where opulent ethnic wear is the norm, and yet comfort is of the utmost importance.

Besides such innovative hybrid varieties, one can also find lehengas with a western style silhouette that gives the overall outfit a very fashion forward look. For instance, the sensual mermaid cut lehengas have become extremely popular. They are often paired with corset style cholis and typically look extremely elegant and chic.

On the other hand, designers are also re-discovering old techniques and designs. Many of these have distinct regional origins and designers incorporate them in their creations in unique ways. For instance,  free article  the layered lehenga often combines a modern fabric like net or tissue with a sumptuous traditional one like Banarasi brocade or silk with zardosi designs.

A major trend in Indian lehenga choli shopping nowadays is the move towards online portals as the primary retailer. This is because online shopping is indeed the most convenient option. Women as well as men can browse through a wide variety of ethnic wear options from the comfort of their home and have it delivered right to their doorstep. There are many ethnic fashion portals that have sprung up; however, it is important to select the right retailer who can provide quality as well as authenticity, at value for money prices.

Utsav Fashion, a leading online store, offers a wide range of Indian Lehenga Choli,  innotechreviews  Lehenga Style Sarees and other accessories. The site has a user-friendly interface, where you can make online purchases of ethnic apparel and offer speedy delivery across many countries the globe over.

The excitement of applying henna, the resonance of shehnai, following wedding rituals among family and friends, large family gatherings, flower decorated mandap and finally the pleasure of becoming someone’s bride, are something that every Indian girl dreams of. The day of her wedding is very much important for her. It’s the day when her mind is clouded with dual emotions of happiness and nervousness. Her wedding is more of a moment of celestial confluence when she wants to look perfect in her wedding dress. She desires to be the center of attraction on that very special occasion of her life.

Since time immemorial, dressing and make-up are associated with women or rather they epitomizes feminine persona. Donning the right piece of traditional lehenga and right make-up is what every bride yearns for. Here are some tips for our would-be brides who are bit confused in selecting the right wedding lehenga for the most cherishable moment of their life:



In-Trend Bridal Lehenga Styles for Indian Weddings

Be it weddings, festive occasions, or Dandiya-Raas outings, lehengas, with origins in Rajasthan, have long been a favorite for Indian women. Bridal lehengas particularly, have undergone many improvisations to come up with a traditional yet contemporay look. Heavy lehengas, with options like brocade, silk, zari, stone, crystal embellishments are a perfect choice winters. The lehenga, the choli and blouse, each is an important part of the whole bridal get-up.

Talking of bridal lehengas, contemporary versions of the choli, like fitting corsets and bikini patterned blouses are a result of years of improvisation, majorly to suit current trends and preferences. Then again, the choli could have a resham dori hanging by the back, or one could go for backless styles, thereby adding a contemporary touch to this traditional attire.  optisoftvision   But ideas don’t stop there- a hot favorite this season seems to be the halter neckline or a strapless blouse, to up the oomph factor on your wedding day. Hence, every little detail, be it the lehenga, choli, or dupatta, can be played with to enhance your look. Also, in bridal lehengas, women have started to experiment with colors, drifting away from the usual reds. The newest trends include multi-colored panels- where the different layers form a vibrant mix, also giving a modern appeal to you attire.

TV Soaps and Bollywood influences like movies- Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Paheli have helped bring back the glamor associated with the authentic, traditional, lehenga-choli look, thereby making ‘traditional’ the new ‘fashionable’. Over the years, heavy borders of gota-patti, or intricate embroidery, has gone up the preference chart for women, when it comes to wedding lehengas. One of the hottest trends for 2013 would be wearing a silk blouse and lehenga, with the dupatta being of a flowing fabric, for instance, chiffon, adorned with embellishments to keep the glamor quotient intact. The lehenga saree is the look to don this festive if you’re in the mood to try something new. Merging the look of a lehenga with that of a saree, the outcome is a wonderful blend of classic styles that have only gotten better with time. The best part is, the lehenga-saree only resembles a saree, but is as comfortable as a long skirt, thanks to the absence of pleats.

With the approaching Dandiya Raas celebrations, women are stocking up on new party-wear lehengas. But this time around, instead of going for the usual heavy-embellished look, women are opting for shades like cream, and white, a favorite with the likes of Aishwarya Rai and Sonam Kapoor this year. Also, floral prints on a white lehenga seem to have made a grand, fashionable entry this year. Bandhej pattern with inricate mirror work refuse to go out of vogue, year in year out. For those who like to stick to the decade old, evergreen look, options are aplenty. Vivid colors, or contrasting mix-matches are a great style to try too.

Designer lehengas are an option a woman would surely want to consider for special occasions. Meera- Muzaffar Ali recently came out with an elegant white-gold lehenga choli combo, once again reminding us of the shift to shades like white and cream this year, for lehengas. Swarovski crystals, beads, kundan and other embellishments end up giving you a wholly grand and royal look. The Shehlaa collection by designer Shehla Khan, and Debarum have brought back focus on the floral prints, taking you back to the 1950s.

Be it designer lehengas, or party-wear lehengas, or the different drapes and styles,  lehenga   women have a wide variety of outfits to choose from. With the boom in online shopping, one can do the same sitting in the comforts of one’s home.

Utsav Fashion, a leading online store, offers a wide collection of Indian Wedding Dresses and a huge collection of Bridal Lehenga Choli as well as accessories. The site has a user-friendly interface, where you can make online purchases of ethnic apparel and offer speedy delivery across many countries the globe over.

Lehenga choli is one of the most famous and preferred dress for events likes weddings and religious festive. This dress is related to festivity because its history shows that it was supposed to be a royal dress worn by the wives and daughters of Mughal emperors. Therefore, many brides like to choose this attire for their big day because they want to feel and look special just like a royal princess. The bridal lehenga choli like any other lehenga consist of three parts the pleated skirt called the lehenga, a fitted choli or blouse and a dupatta.

The origin of this dress can be traced back to Rajasthan and Gujarat, but after Mughal took over the sub continent this dress became the most favorite attire for the royal ladies. This attire became famous among the royalties because it provided a modest and feminist covering to the women. Though the attire has went along many alteration throughout the time, but still many designer and brides like to stick to Mughal designs and embroidery while designing a bridal lehenga choli.

Earlier the preferred cloth for this dress was silk, chiffons and jamawar, but today the textile industry has introduced many other cloths in the market, which add variety and more volume to the dress. However, still many brides like to go traditional while designing their lengha and prefer to use the cloth like pure silk and chiffons. Apart, from the cloth the fashion industry has also introduced many other cuts and styles in the bridal lehengas.

Famous cuts and styles in Bridal lehenga Choli
The famous cuts and styles that have been introduced in bridal lehenga choli are,

Straight cut lehengas : The straight cut bridal lehenga choli are the most favorite among the brides because it suit every body type. In this style the lehenga flow down in parallel down the body and helps in creating an illusionary slimming effect.

Panelled lehengas: This style of lehenga choli provides more flare and fall to the brides. The designers can experiment with the colors using this style of bridal lehenga choli as the panels stitched together with the lehenga can be of different colors.

Fish tail or mermaid lehenga: This style of lehenga is fitted at the waistline and open’s at the bottom.

Circular lehenga:  innotechreviews  This style of lehenga is the oldest style in lehenga choli and involves a lot of pleats at the waistline. The pleats provide a lot of volume to the lehenga and are especially preferred by the brides with thin figure.
These common bridal lehenga choli styles and designs are followed by the brides all over the Asia, but the Mughal influence can still be seen in the latest designs and embroideries. However, brides still like to fuse in the modern styles in their bridal wear, but when it comes to traditional dress and style they prefer to have the bridal lengha choli. The popularity of this attire has now crossed the boundaries of Asia and is becoming a styles symbol for many international designers.


The Secret Sauce for Setting and Achieving Goals That Spark

Setting goals is the foundation upon which success is built. Goals offer us a target at which to shoot at and the basis for daily success habits. Yet, for many, the excitement of getting into action around their goals dissipate over time and the magic of setting and achieving goals loses its shine. What’s missing is the secret sauce for setting and achieving goals that spark.

I love setting and working towards achieving personal and professional goals. I remember early in my career setting simple yet powerful goals and the feeling of joy and elation that comes with achieving them. Yet,  mathey  somehow the excitement of setting goals disappeared as I found it increasingly easier to achieve them.

And then, one day, a deep sense of disappointment when I realized twelve months later that none of what I set out to achieve, has come to fruition. When I examined where it all went wrong, I realized that none of the goals I tried to achieve were tied to what was truly important to me.

Somehow, I felt SMART goals were no longer making a strong enough connection with what I valued most – what I desired most.

Although I love the simplicity of SMART goals, what it missed was SPARK.

1. Set Goals that Are Simple, Specific and that has a clear Stake

Goals that are simple and specific have a far greater chance of being achieved. Doing so allows you to keep your goals front of mind. It also offers you a constant reference against which to measure your actions. Thus, “lose weight” is not specific enough, but “lose 25 pounds” is simple and specific.

And, the power of this simplicity lies in the underlying reason for wanting to achieve the goal.

In order to achieve your goals, understand what is at stake. Compile at least three compelling reasons why you want to achieve a specific goal. If the answer to that question does not get your heart beating faster, then either the goal is not worth accomplishing or, you have not found a compelling reason as yet for wanting to achieve that goal.

2. Passion and Purpose

In order for goals to have meaning connect them with what you are truly passionate about. Alternatively, set goals that give expression to your life’s purpose and capture a dream to be realized. Goals not grounded in your passion, purpose or dreams are more than likely to feel empty and result in little or no motivation for action. Goals tied to your dreams, your passion or your life’s purpose creates forward movement and ultimately momentum in times when you get stuck.

When your goals are aligned with your purpose, there is deep resonance, bold action and a stronger commitment to success.

3. Accountability

For most people, setting goals represent a necessary evil for getting into action to achieve success. However, setting clear goals is the first step in the planning process – for therein lies the root of well-timed and thoughtful actions. Actions that have a clear “by when” for which you can be held accountable has a stronger chance of success.

Holding yourself accountable means everything you think, say or do counts.

Have some fun holding yourself accountable by asking a friend or colleague to be your accountability buddy. Alternatively, get your coach to hold you accountable for achieving your goals.

4. Review, Reset and Reactivate

Those using computers that run on the Windows platform knows the trials and tribulations often accompanied by “Frozen Screens”, Sluggish Computers, etc.  roll-up-profis  A quick call to the IT department for help is often met with an authoritative “reboot the machine”.

Sometimes, the goals you set loses its buoyancy. Your circumstances change, new priorities emerge or the goal is just no longer relevant for whatever reason – perhaps your actions have catapulted you into stardom.

A structured review process allows you to uncover important lessons and may lead to personal discovery. Constantly review your goals to determine whether there is a need to reset your commitment to them and reactivate the actions you created to achieve them.

By reviewing your goals you will revitalize your energy for engaging with it, reaffirm your commitment to achieving your life’s purpose and dreams, and more importantly, train yourself to remain accountable for achieving compelling goals.

5. Set Goals that have Kick

There is nothing worse than setting goals that do not inspire you to take action. Goals that have kick stretch you way beyond your self-imposed limits and challenge you to examine the way you see yourself. The secret is to set goals that has just enough stretch to get you truly excited about getting into action around them.

Further, setting compelling goals with a time horizon of no more than 100 days offers you an exciting challenge and more likely to keep you motivated.

And, I think you will agree that there is nothing that excites human beings more than a good challenge. The secret to a good challenge is setting and achieving compelling goals that SPARK.

Bottom line: When you commit to achieving a goal, plan thoroughly, act boldly and hold yourself accountable for achieving your success.

And, did you know the best way to achieve this is to get the help of a professional coach.

I would like to invite you to claim your Free Instant Access to a “Strategic Goal Planning Session” with me, Igshaan when you visit

From Igshaan Soules – The Personal Leadership Champion and the Great Personal Leadership Development Network.”