In-Trend Bridal Lehenga Styles for Indian Weddings

Be it weddings, festive occasions, or Dandiya-Raas outings, lehengas, with origins in Rajasthan, have long been a favorite for Indian women. Bridal lehengas particularly, have undergone many improvisations to come up with a traditional yet contemporay look. Heavy lehengas, with options like brocade, silk, zari, stone, crystal embellishments are a perfect choice winters. The lehenga, the choli and blouse, each is an important part of the whole bridal get-up.

Talking of bridal lehengas, contemporary versions of the choli, like fitting corsets and bikini patterned blouses are a result of years of improvisation, majorly to suit current trends and preferences. Then again, the choli could have a resham dori hanging by the back, or one could go for backless styles, thereby adding a contemporary touch to this traditional attire.  optisoftvision   But ideas don’t stop there- a hot favorite this season seems to be the halter neckline or a strapless blouse, to up the oomph factor on your wedding day. Hence, every little detail, be it the lehenga, choli, or dupatta, can be played with to enhance your look. Also, in bridal lehengas, women have started to experiment with colors, drifting away from the usual reds. The newest trends include multi-colored panels- where the different layers form a vibrant mix, also giving a modern appeal to you attire.

TV Soaps and Bollywood influences like movies- Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Paheli have helped bring back the glamor associated with the authentic, traditional, lehenga-choli look, thereby making ‘traditional’ the new ‘fashionable’. Over the years, heavy borders of gota-patti, or intricate embroidery, has gone up the preference chart for women, when it comes to wedding lehengas. One of the hottest trends for 2013 would be wearing a silk blouse and lehenga, with the dupatta being of a flowing fabric, for instance, chiffon, adorned with embellishments to keep the glamor quotient intact. The lehenga saree is the look to don this festive if you’re in the mood to try something new. Merging the look of a lehenga with that of a saree, the outcome is a wonderful blend of classic styles that have only gotten better with time. The best part is, the lehenga-saree only resembles a saree, but is as comfortable as a long skirt, thanks to the absence of pleats.

With the approaching Dandiya Raas celebrations, women are stocking up on new party-wear lehengas. But this time around, instead of going for the usual heavy-embellished look, women are opting for shades like cream, and white, a favorite with the likes of Aishwarya Rai and Sonam Kapoor this year. Also, floral prints on a white lehenga seem to have made a grand, fashionable entry this year. Bandhej pattern with inricate mirror work refuse to go out of vogue, year in year out. For those who like to stick to the decade old, evergreen look, options are aplenty. Vivid colors, or contrasting mix-matches are a great style to try too.

Designer lehengas are an option a woman would surely want to consider for special occasions. Meera- Muzaffar Ali recently came out with an elegant white-gold lehenga choli combo, once again reminding us of the shift to shades like white and cream this year, for lehengas. Swarovski crystals, beads, kundan and other embellishments end up giving you a wholly grand and royal look. The Shehlaa collection by designer Shehla Khan, and Debarum have brought back focus on the floral prints, taking you back to the 1950s.

Be it designer lehengas, or party-wear lehengas, or the different drapes and styles,  lehenga   women have a wide variety of outfits to choose from. With the boom in online shopping, one can do the same sitting in the comforts of one’s home.

Utsav Fashion, a leading online store, offers a wide collection of Indian Wedding Dresses and a huge collection of Bridal Lehenga Choli as well as accessories. The site has a user-friendly interface, where you can make online purchases of ethnic apparel and offer speedy delivery across many countries the globe over.

Lehenga choli is one of the most famous and preferred dress for events likes weddings and religious festive. This dress is related to festivity because its history shows that it was supposed to be a royal dress worn by the wives and daughters of Mughal emperors. Therefore, many brides like to choose this attire for their big day because they want to feel and look special just like a royal princess. The bridal lehenga choli like any other lehenga consist of three parts the pleated skirt called the lehenga, a fitted choli or blouse and a dupatta.

The origin of this dress can be traced back to Rajasthan and Gujarat, but after Mughal took over the sub continent this dress became the most favorite attire for the royal ladies. This attire became famous among the royalties because it provided a modest and feminist covering to the women. Though the attire has went along many alteration throughout the time, but still many designer and brides like to stick to Mughal designs and embroidery while designing a bridal lehenga choli.

Earlier the preferred cloth for this dress was silk, chiffons and jamawar, but today the textile industry has introduced many other cloths in the market, which add variety and more volume to the dress. However, still many brides like to go traditional while designing their lengha and prefer to use the cloth like pure silk and chiffons. Apart, from the cloth the fashion industry has also introduced many other cuts and styles in the bridal lehengas.

Famous cuts and styles in Bridal lehenga Choli
The famous cuts and styles that have been introduced in bridal lehenga choli are,

Straight cut lehengas : The straight cut bridal lehenga choli are the most favorite among the brides because it suit every body type. In this style the lehenga flow down in parallel down the body and helps in creating an illusionary slimming effect.

Panelled lehengas: This style of lehenga choli provides more flare and fall to the brides. The designers can experiment with the colors using this style of bridal lehenga choli as the panels stitched together with the lehenga can be of different colors.

Fish tail or mermaid lehenga: This style of lehenga is fitted at the waistline and open’s at the bottom.

Circular lehenga:  innotechreviews  This style of lehenga is the oldest style in lehenga choli and involves a lot of pleats at the waistline. The pleats provide a lot of volume to the lehenga and are especially preferred by the brides with thin figure.
These common bridal lehenga choli styles and designs are followed by the brides all over the Asia, but the Mughal influence can still be seen in the latest designs and embroideries. However, brides still like to fuse in the modern styles in their bridal wear, but when it comes to traditional dress and style they prefer to have the bridal lengha choli. The popularity of this attire has now crossed the boundaries of Asia and is becoming a styles symbol for many international designers.

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